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 in response to Joycefun...   

Hi, Joyce,  thankyou for your kinfd words and understanding...It is one of the most debilitating things I have ever gone thru emotionally and phyically in some ways..I have been disabled for other things for quite some time.  So many people call it cosemetic surgery, well many for a few, but its our health, I have to put in a plasic like thing when my teeth are out because continuousy bite down and swallow too much saliva which makes me nausous, and causes added heartburn... Im such a people person, although as of late I have been staying in more and more and starting to gain wait because my teeth or out more then in..   My last dentures that I got last Jan or Feb the denist said I could get mini implants  and they wouldn't be as costly.  Its just that the roof on my denture or my previous dentures will no fit right so now I need to see if I get the palet part taken off and mini plants on top maybe 4 would hold it good.. I still have not idea where I get the money it would be a 1000 a mini implant. and I don't know what other hidden costs there would be.

Well I have probably went on too long, I'm sorry but I believe you know exactly what Im going through...


Your aidmate,,


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Dear Kat, I am new to this board. I am also 57ish and wear full dentures. I have had them since I was 32. All that time I have been looking for others who understand what life is like with false teeth. I feel badly that you are having such a rough time getting dentures to fit properly. You are an attractive woman and if you like to exchange experiences, I am all for it. I was fortunate enough to get a lower implant system in place 6 years ago that supports my removable lower denture very nicely. I had lost all confidence in myself and my dentures and it had begun to affect my job. I work in human resources and I could no longer meet with prospective employees and have the confidence needed to be professional. I could not go out to lunch with my co-workers for fear of my teeth coming loose. I was going home from work and taking my teeth out right away. I can see we have some similar issues and if it would help to have someone to discuss them with- feel free. Joyce

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 in response to amandarey92...   

Thank you  so much,  and God bless you too.  :)


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God bless you, wishing you all the best.

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am G.suresh kumar , from India. I am a post Graduate, who sacrifices a life for the development of poor dalit peoples. In India dalit means, Untouchables, who are not as equal as to high caste people? They are live in separate places. Even some tea shops have separate glasses for dalits. In rural areas some saloons won’t allow dalits to cut their hairs. Dalits are weaker than high caste people like wise, educationally, economically and socially. I am also from the same community. So I decided, to sacrifice my life for the development of my community people. I have 12 years experience in the social field. I have formed an organization called PASS, (Positive awareness service society) on 1995. From 1995 onwards I am doing some service fro the development of poor dalits. Our Motto is “Instead of giving a fish, we teach them to catch a fish. To reach out our motto, I strongly concentrate on education. Because, education can only gives all aspects in our life. To reach our motto, all our programs and projects concentrate on development of poor dalit people. Our org. is having permission from the central govt to receive funds from foreign agencies. Now we are seeking some kind of help from the donors to strengthen our service. My services to the community: 1. Conducting free evening tuitions to the poor dalits students. 2. Forming SHGs (women self help group) among dalit women. We have fromed 120 Groups. Total Savings of this Group: Rs. 1, 45,000. 3. Conducting free paramedical courses to the poor educated dalit girls. Already we have trained 60 Students with the help of Ananda foundation – USA. It’s ongoing now. 4. We used to go to the villages with our paramedical students to create awareness and treatment. 5. We are conducting summer refresher courses for poor dalit students, who will write their final examination. Already we have coached 250 Students. All are secured high marks. 6. Distribution of Vitamin Tablets to the poor children with the help of SIGHT AND LIGHT – Switzerland. 7. We have planted trees in the rural areas. 8. We are conducting awareness classes on environment to the college and school students. please contact

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 in response to W H O K N E W...   

thanks my friend, its good to be able to start coming on again.  I use to use the fixodent powder but only worked for a very short time, now I'm experimenting with the adhesive.   Learning to eat alll onver again.  Stay cool my friend.


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Comment to Cat57---I just wanted to say hi and it's good to see you again. I also want to back up what WhoKnew said about Fixodent. It is the absolute best denture adhesive on the market except maybe Crazy Glue(just kidding). I have used everything that is available and Fixodent is by far the best and it lasts twice as long as anything else. Goodluck and keep smilin. Sincerely Sheshe030

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 in response to kat57...   


Welcome back! I've missed you!


It is so great to see that magnificent smile! 

As for keeping those teeth in place, I have found fixodent to work best... do not use the store brand though....

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 in response to joey5...   

Hi, thanks for the southern remedy.  I appreciate it I finally have dentures and I was told my mouth would not work them.  I guess I will find out, with help from you and others.  Any other hints about what to use that works the best to keep them in ????   Thanks again.


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An old southren remendy every night before you go to bed and every morning before you put you dentures in rinse with a cap full of peroxide.In a week or two you will see results in how much better you feel and how your mouth and gums are.

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Kat57, Hey Girl....I have a very nice person who in on line right now trying to find you and I am new at trying to get two persons to notice each other...But, she feels drawn to you that she may be able to help your pain right now. She is really a sweetie and her name is Nancy McG . I also want to talk to you in a bit. but first please help me in connecting the two of you. I referred her to your sites last night, but she has her own site aside from Aidpage and may not be familiar with how our site works. So sweet lady, Take a peek on your blog pages and let her know you are the other lady who needs severe dental work. Talk more in a bit. I am getting HELP :) :) Sandav1

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Dear Kat I have been blessed to find this group called "Giving Back A Smile" Now I know the help mostly domestic violence cases and People that have lost there smile due to Unforeseen situations such as illness, I am not sure if the will help, What the group is Dentist and Oral surgeons all over the USA that help, they so far have given over 5 million dollars worth of help to people.It is lengthily screenings process, and a lot paper work, , I am working on it right now, I thought of you as well to see if you can get help/ U hope this puts a smile back on your Heart, and heals your wounds, It hard for many to comprehend how difficult it is, and the physical and emotional pain involved, I made a promise to you if I heard or found anything I will let you know, I pray this an answer to prayers that I may receive the bone grafts and implants and you receive the dental care you need . I know that someday God will send me the care I need and So will you, Keeping My Promise I made to you. May you blessed 100 fold Best Regards StacyAnn


Hi Kat, This goes to show you the 'heart of this person'. Not only does she sounds vain & selfish but from her message to you she appears to be 'heartless & a B.. as well'. Don't worry about it, my friend. I would much rather have a 'person with no teeth' for a friend any day, than to have one with 'no heart.' Hang in there, you shall be blessed. It shall happened for we are in agreement in prayer on the matter. Take care, Anonymous40784

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 in response to kat57...   

I'm glad we are good.  I will keep your situation in my prayers.  I am praying that a surgeon will see one your postings & help.

God bless you,


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 in response to Anonymous40784...   

Hello my friend, its been too long, thankyou for your sympathy,  Its been a very hard week.  Heidi is  a very strong woman of God.. but it will still be hard not, holding her daughter in her arms or hearing voice.

I dont know why you think you offended me..   there was one comment about, the posting I think that was directed to dr dentist, oral surgeons...  about them most likely not ever coming here...   I wasn't offended, I  have alot of faith. and millions of people come on line.. and I know a couple of my first postings our out on regular pages. and then people come here if they click on it.   I think some will eventully do that, but in the mean time,  the good thing was it gave a idea, which I shared with Emil, he thought it was intersting, and maybe would do something like it, he was going to talk to colleages, and let me know, and then this week I have not been here much.  But Im back now, and i will be checking with him on it...

You could never offend me, you brought happy tears to my eyes  when I got  one  of my  first comments .

Honest were good, wish I heard more from you..


got to run, got chuch tonite, or main time is Fri nite then I go Sun too...   :):)

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